Welcome! This website is about the Inuyasha GameBoy Advance game called "Naraku No Wana! Mayoi No Mori No Shoutaijou".

Naraku No Wana! Mayoi No Mori No Shoutaijou is a Gameboy Advance game based on the anime series Inuyasha. Using Google, I only came across a few worth while sites about the game which I have listed in the Links section. So I decided to make a website about Naraku No Wana to help out others who might like to play this game.

Sengoku Emaki 23

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Wednesday 11 May 2005
Some item name translations have been added to the Items section, and a Koukan Points guide added to the Walkthrough.

Saturday 30 April 2005
I've added information to the Battle Escape section, all I have to do is add some screen captures and explanations to complete that section.

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