Beginning the Game

Press START Opening Menu

Screen 1:
Press START to begin.

Screen 2:
There are four options, choose the first option by selecting and pressing 'A' to begin a new game.

If this is your first time playing Naraku No Wana, then your screen should look like the one on the left (with two empty slots).
The one on the right is what my screen looks like (because I already have a saved game), but for the purpose of making this walkthrough, I'm going to save in the second slot (which is empty).

Select Save Slot Select Save Slot

In Naraku No Wana, you can have two saved games. Select which slot you would like to save your game in.

Now you will be prompted to choose a name and gender. First, choose a name:

Screen 1: Please enter your name Screen 2: Hiragana Screen 3: Katakana Screen 4: English

You can write your name in either hiragana (Screen 2), katakana (screen 3) or English (Screen 4). However, you are limited to choosing a name with just 4 characters. In the above example, I have chosen the name "Konami" written in katakana.

Back Forward Cancel Confirm

The other options on the name selection screen are: Back, Forward, Cancel , and Confirm. Once you have chosen a name, select 'Confirm', then you will be prompted to choose a gender. The first option is male and the second option is female. Select your gender then press 'A'.

Select Gender Confirm Details

In the above example, I have chosen 'female'. It doesn't really matter whether you choose male or female, it only affects the story dialogue.

The second screen asks if the name and gender are correct: Option 1 Yes, Option 2 No. If you select 'yes', you will now begin Chapter 1. If you selected no, then you will be prompted to choose a name and gender.