Battle: Attack

Opening Screen

The picture below is what the screen should look like if you have chosen to attack. The character you control is always on the left, and your opponent is on the right. In the example, I am using Kagome to fight Yura.


At the very top of the screen is your physical strength number (in other words, your hit points), and the yellow bar shows the percentage of the hit points you have. In the example, both bars are completely yellow because neither Kagome or Yura has lost any HP yet.

The options in the middle of the screen are Confirm and Items. Confirm will take you to the next step. Items will allow you to select an item to use. But before selecting Confirm, take a look at the bottom of the screen.

At the bottom of the screen are the names of your character and opponent. The box with your character's name will also show your attack strength (example: Kagome has an attack strenth of 4). The box with your opponent's name will show their defence (example, Yura's defence is 7).

Compare the attack strength of your character to the defence of your opponent. This will tell you if you need to use an item or not. In the example, Kagome's attack is 4, and Yura's defence is 7. With these stats, it is impossible for Kagome to take even 1 HP off Yura because Yura's defence is higher than Kagome's attack strength. This means I need to use an item to increase Kagome's attack strength.

Select option 1 'Confirm' to get on with the battle without using an item.
Select option 2 'Items' to select an item to use.


When you select Items, the screen should look similar to the picture below:

Items Screen Item Select

The text at the top left corner is your character's name. The text at the bottom is the name of the selected item, and the item's description.

You can carry a maximum of 20 items. In the example, I have 2 Cleansing Arrows, 2 Demon Destroying Arrows, 2 Medicinal Herbs, 1 Bicycle, 1 10 Step Sandal, and 1 Demon Destroying Talisman. The items that appear faded/dark are items that you cannot use at the moment to attack.

I will use the Demon Destroying Arrow in the example.

Power Up! Item Confirm Item Effect Item Result

Screen 1: Power Up
Once you've selected your item, your character will 'power up', and a picture of the item you selected will appear in the small box on the left.

Screen 2: Item Confirm
This screen merely restate what item you used (<character> has used <item name>!). In the example, it says "Kagome has used the Demon Destroying Arrow!".

Screen 3: Item Effect
This screen tells yu the effect of the item. In the example, it says "Attack strength rose by 9".

Screen 4: Item Result
This screen will show you your new stats after using the item. You'll notice that Kagome's attack strength now says 13 instead of 4.

Some opponents can also use items. When you are attacking, the opponent might use an item to raise their defence. If so, then the item they used and it's effect will also appear here. You will then automatically be taken to the roulette screen.


Below is what the roulette should look like:


The text at the top says "Attack". On the left is your chosen character's name. In the example, it's Kagome. On the right is your opponent and their defence stats.

You'll notice that in the example, the defence for Yura is 13, but in the previous screen, it said 7. This is because the opponent also spins the roulette to determine their final defence, but you don't see them spin the roulette. The same goes for yourself, the attack stats at the previous screen is not your final attack stats. You spin the roulette to determine what your attack strength will be.

See the Roulette section for more information and tips on getting the result you want.

To successfully attack your opponent, you'll need to spin a number that is higher than your opponent's attack. In the example, if I got a 13, my attack would have no effect on Yura. However, if I got a 32, my attack would do 19 damage to Yura (in other words, 32 - 13 = 19).


After you spin your number, you will attack (unless you missed). The screen will then look similar to the one above and tell you how much damage you did.

If you defeated your opponent, the battle ends. If your opponent has not been knocked out, the battle continues where you must choose to defend or avoid your opponent's attack.

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