Old Updates

Sunday 24 April 2005
The Battle Attack section is now complete and I added a (incomplete) guide to the Roulette. Also, I added some stuff to the Characters and Items section.

Sunday 3 April 2005
I've updated and changed the Walkthrough section. I'm currently working on translating Chapter 1 (this may take a long time).
Also, I'm working again (Hendies Hire), so I don't have any free days left, which means the only time I can work on this site is at night. Although lately I've been spending my nights watching Naruto (which is more interesting than typing HTML).

Wednesday 16 March 2005
I changed the site layout back to the old layout that I used when I first made this website because the new layout was too plain and it looked the same as some of my other websites.
I've given this website top priority over my other websites (but not priority over university work) so I'll probably be working on this site a bit more.