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TP* = thalers per event item
GP* = gold bars per event item
*PS = event items per square

Valentine's Day 2016

9 February 2016 - 16 February 2016

NameThalersGold BarsAmoreTP*GP*Size*PS
Peacock Flower Sculpture2520000.01254 x 683.333333333333
Romantic Swing1512000.01252 x 3200
Romantic Water Feature108000.01252 x 2200
Round Flowerbed with Pink Roses600075802 x 218.75
Round Flowerbed with Red Roses200025802 x 26.25
Round Flowerbed with White Roses8000100802 x 225
Round Flowerbed with Yellow Roses400050802 x 212.5
Terracotta Planter with Foxgloves12000150801 x 1150
Terracotta Planter with Sunflowers15000200751 x 1200
Wheelbarrow Planter2500032576.9230769230771 x 2162.5
Wooden Bucket with Cowslip43200.01251 x 1320
Wooden Bucket with Daisies32400.01251 x 1240
Wooden Bucket with Forget-me-nots21600.01251 x 1160
Wooden Bucket with Poppies1800.01251 x 180

Reward Requirements

Collecting 15,000 Amore unlocks Cupid's Garden where White Roses can be harvested from planted rose bushes.

White RosesReward
5005x Turkish Bazaar piece
10005x Coffee House piece
200010x Turkish Bazaar piece
300010x Coffee House piece
400015x Turkish Bazaar piece
500020x Turkish Bazaar piece
600015x Coffee House piece
700020x Coffee House piece

Christmas 2015

8 December 2015 - 15 December 2015

NameThalersGold BarsSnowmenTP*GP*Size*PS
Angel Ice Statue410000.0042 x 2250
Bright Advent Wreath5000100501 x 1100
Child's Sled10000200501 x 2100
Christmas Star350070501 x 170
Clear-sounding Bell8000160501 x 1160
Fluffy Slipper Stand512500.0043 x 3138.88888888889
Gift Cart30000600501 x 2300
Golden Bauble12500.0041 x 1250
Ice Wall250050501 x 412.5
Ice Wall Arch15000300501 x 475
Ice Wall Bottom Corner250050502 x 212.5
Ice Wall Side Corner250050502 x 212.5
Ice Wall Top Corner250050502 x 212.5
Magnificent Christmas Tree1537500.0042 x 2937.5
Red Bauble12500.0041 x 1250
Reindeer Sleigh25000500501 x 3166.66666666667
Roast Chestnut Vendor820000.0042 x 2500
Silver Bauble12500.0041 x 1250
Snowball Fight2050000.0042 x 3833.33333333333
Snow-covered Firewood Pile25000.0041 x 3166.66666666667
Warming Fire Bowl37500.0041 x 1750

Reward Requirements

Collecting 30,000 snowmen unlocks the North Pole where baubles can be harvested from planted Christmas trees.

5001x Spice Trader piece
7501x Gold booster
15004x Spice Trader piece
300010x Spice Trader piece
750035x Spice Trader piece

Halloween Campaign 2015

27 October 2015 - 3 November 2015

NameThalersGold BarsBatsTP*GP*Size*PS
Bewitching Buffet820000.0041 x 21000
Grave Lilies8000160501 x 1160
Grinning Vampire2562500.0042 x 21562.5
Halloween Potion615000.0041 x 11500
Halloween Wall Corner10000200501 x 1200
Halloween Wall Entryway25000500501 x 4125
Halloween Wall Inside15000300501 x 475
Halloween Wall Outside15000300501 x 475
Horrific Hay Bales5000100501 x 250
Mysterious Witch's Hut1025000.0042 x 3416.66666666667
Sinister Smiling Pumpkins1250002500502 x 2625
Spider Well1537500.0041 x 31250
Wailing Willow512500.0042 x 2312.5

Reward Requirements

BatsRewardThalersGold Bars
30001x Gem Gargoyle piece15000012
75001x Gold booster37500030
150004x Gem Gargoyle piece75000060
4000010x Gem Gargoyle piece2000000160
6500035x Gem Gargoyle piece3250000260

Fall Campaign 2015

22 September 2015 - 29 September 2015

NameThalersGold BarsChestnutsTP*GP*Size*PS
Autumnal Hedge Corner150030501 x 130
Autumnal Hedge Entryway12000240501 x 460
Autumnal Hedge Inside180036501 x 49
Autumnal Hedge Outside180036501 x 49
Basket of Pumpkins37500.0041 x 1750
Colorful Autumn Ash820000.0043 x 3222.22222222222
Dressed-up Child with Dragon-Kite2050000.0041 x 15000
Exotic Beautyberry80016501 x 116
Fall Lamppost1250002500501 x 12500
Leaf Pile with Cat615000.0043 x 3166.66666666667
Mighty Autumn Oak1230000.0043 x 3333.33333333333
Moss-covered Rocks30000600502 x 2150
Pretty Sowbread12500.0041 x 1250
Quiet Bench4509501 x 24.5

Reward Requirements

ChestnutsRewardThalersGold Bars
30001x Stag sculpture piece15000012
75001x Gold booster37500030
150004x Stag sculpture piece75000060
4000010x Stag sculpture piece2000000160
6500035x Stag sculpture piece3250000260

Summer Campaign 2015

21 July 2015 - 28 July 2015

TPLL = thalers per linden leaves
GPLL = gold bars per linden leaves
LLPS = linden leaves per square

NameThalersGold BarsLinden LeavesTPLLGPLLSizeLLPS
Blue Hydrangea5000100501 x 1100
Decorated Hay Wagon12000240501 x 2120
Flowery Tree Trunk820000.0041 x 21000
Large-leaved Linden25000500502 x 2125
Little Birdhouse500001000501 x 11000
Marigold Flowerbed512500.0041 x 11250
Pink Hydrangea410000.0041 x 11000
Refreshing Spring3075000.0044 x 4468.75
Summer Campfire2050000.0043 x 3555.55555555556
Summer Picnic1537500.0042 x 3625
Sunflower Fence4008501 x 42
Sunflower Fence Corner50010501 x 110
Sunflower Fence Gate150030501 x 47.5
White Hydrangeas37500.0041 x 1750

Reward Requirements

Linden LeavesRewardThalersGold Bars
30001x Gem Mine piece15000012
75001x Gold Booster37500030
150004x Gem Mine pieces75000060
4000010x Gem Mine pieces2000000160
6000035x Gem Mine pieces3000000240

Mother's Day 2015

5 May 2015 - 12 May 2015

TPT = thalers per tulip
GPT = gold bars per tulip
TPS = tulips per square

NameThalersGold BarsTulipsTPTGPTSizeTPS
Aptenia flowerbed exterior410000.0042 x 2250
Aptenia flowerbed interior410000.0042 x 2250
Aptenia flowerbed lateral corner25000.0042 x 2125
Aptenia flowerbed lower corner25000.0042 x 2125
Aptenia flowerbed upper corner25000.0042 x 2125
Baroque middle flowerbed2050000.0042 x 21250
Baroque pavillion2562500.0042 x 21562.5
Boxwood hedge2255451 x 22.5
Boxwood hedge corner piece75015501 x 115
Glory-of-the-snow flowerbed exterior250050502 x 212.5
Glory-of-the-snow flowerbed interior250050502 x 212.5
Glory-of-the-snow flowerbed lateral corner110022502 x 25.5
Glory-of-the-snow flowerbed lower corner110022502 x 25.5
Glory-of-the-snow flowerbed upper corner110022502 x 25.5
Mixed flowerbed exterior615000.0042 x 2375
Mixed flowerbed interior615000.0042 x 2375
Mixed flowerbed lateral10000200502 x 250
Mixed flowerbed lower corner15000300502 x 275
Mixed flowerbed upper corner10000200502 x 250
Swan Fountain1250002500502 x 2625
Water lily pond1025000.0042 x 2625

Reward Requirements

TulipsRewardThalers*ThalersGold Bars
25001x Flower fountain piece11250012500010
50001x Gold Booster22500025000020
100004x Flower fountain pieces45000050000040
3000010x Flower fountain pieces13500001500000120
6000035x Flower fountain pieces27000003000000240

* Compared to the other Mother's Day 2015 decorations, the Boxwood hedge gives you more tulips in relation to the amount of thalers spent. But you would need to put 12,000 of them on your farm to get 60,000 tulips.

Easter 2015

31 March 2015 - 7 April 2015

TPD = thalers per daffodil
GPD = gold bars per daffodil
DPS = daffodils per square

NameThalersGold BarsDaffodilsTPDGPDSizeDPS
Catkins1230000.0042 x 2750
Duckling Figurine25000500501 x 1500
Easter Chick Figurine820000.0041 x 12000
Easter Crown2562500.0042 x 21562.5
Easter Rabbit "Brownie"1537500.0041 x 13750
Easter Rabbit "Dreamer"1025000.0041 x 12500
Easter Rabbit "Thumper"2050000.0041 x 15000
Easter Torch Blue100020501 x 120
Easter Torch Green25000.0041 x 1500
Easter Torch Red25000.0041 x 1500
Easter Torch Yellow50010501 x 110
Easter Wall Corner100020501 x 120
Easter Wall Gate500001000501 x 4250
Easter Wall Inside15000300501 x 475
Easter Wall Outside15000300501 x 475
Easter Well1230000.0042 x 2750
Hedgehog Nest Figurine400080501 x 180
Large Crate of Easter Eggs512500.0041 x 11250
Ornamental Easter Rod190038501 x 138
Ornamental Egg150030501 x 130
Small Crate of Easter Eggs6000120501 x 1120

Reward Requirements

DaffodilsRewardThalersGold Bars
25001x Racka sheep12500010
50003x Dwarven Mine pieces25000020
100001x Racka Sheep50000040
2500017x Dwarven Mine pieces1250000100
5500030x Dwarven Mine pieces2750000220

Valentine's Day 2015

10 February 2015 - 17 February 2015

TPR = thalers per rose
GPR = gold bars per rose
RPS = rose per square

NameThalersGold BarsRoseTPRGPRSizeRPS
Dancing Couple3587500.0042 x 22187.5
Dove Bath500001000501 x 11000
Fountain of Love1025000.0045 x 683.333333333333
Garden Torch12500.0041 x 1250
Harp-playing Amor3075000.0042 x 21875
Orange Hanging Begonia37500.0041 x 1750
Pink Rose Tree820000.0042 x 2500
Red Rose Tree512500.0041 x 11250
Romantic Picnic2562500.0044 x 4390.625
Rose Wall (Inside)10000200501 x 450
Rose Wall (Outside)10000200501 x 450
Rose Wall Corner15000300501 x 1300
Rose Wall Entrance20000400501 x 4100
Venus Hair Fern150030501 x 130
White Hanging Begonia5000100501 x 1100
White Rose Tree12000240501 x 1240

Reward Requirements

RosesRewardThalersGold Bars
20001x Guesthouse piece1000008
5000Gold booster25000020
100004x Guesthouse pieces50000040
30000A package containing: 1x olive tree, 2x cotton plants, 3x valerian, 5x pumpkins, 5x pine, 7x apple trees1500000120
5500035x Guesthouse pieces2750000220

Christmas 2014

2 December 2014 - 16 December 2014

TPS = thalers per snowflake
GPS = gold bars per snowflake
SPS = snowflake per square

NameThalersGold BarsSnowflakesTPSGPSSizeSPS
Candle Stall8000160502 x 326.666666666667
Children's Carousel3075000.0043 x 4625
Christmas Light25000.0041 x 4125
Christmas Pyramid512500.0042 x 2312.5
Festive Apple Tree1500003000502 x 2750
Festive Christmas Tree820000.0042 x 2500
Festive Pear Tree200040502 x 210
Gingerbread Tent1025000.0042 x 3416.66666666667
Mulled Wine Stall40000800502 x 3133.33333333333
Romantic Skaters40100000.0045 x 5400
Snow-covered Boulder50010502 x 22.5
Winter Fountain1537500.0042 x 2937.5
Winter Lantern12500.0041 x 1250
Winter Stone Wall Corner250050501 x 150
Winter Stone Wall Entrance25000500501 x 4125
Winter Stone Wall Inside10000200501 x 450
Winter Stone Wall Outside10000200501 x 450
Wintery Tree150030502 x 27.5

Reward Requirements

SnowflakesRewardThalersGold Bars
30001x Reindeer15000012
100002x Lumberjack Cabin piece50000040
150001x Reindeer75000060
5000012x Lumberjack Cabin piece2500000200
10000036x Lumberjack Cabin piece5000000400

Halloween 2014

28 October 2014 - 4 November 2014

TPG = thalers per ghost
GPG = gold bars per ghost
GPS = ghosts per square

NameThalersGold BarsGhostsTPGGPGSizeGPS
Black Tree820000.0042 x 2500
Cauldron410000.0042 x 2250
crystal ball50010501 x 110
Demon Statue1500003000501 x 13000
Flying Witch1025000.0041 x 21250
Gnarled Witch Woods Tree225045501 x 145
Large Witch Woods Tree14000280501 x 1280
Magic Tome150030501 x 130
Morass2050000.0044 x 4312.5
Pumpkin Circle512500.0044 x 478.125
Stone Circle25000500503 x 355.555555555556
Thin Witch Woods Tree12000240501 x 1240
Witch's Hut1537500.0042 x 4468.75

Reward Requirements

GhostsRewardThalersGold Bars
25001x Cornucopia piece12500010
5000Gold booster25000020
100004x Cornucopia piece50000040
2500010x Cornucopia piece1250000100
5500035x Cornucopia piece2750000220

Fall 2014

23 September 2014 - 30 September 2014

TPA = thalers per apple
GPA = gold bars per apple
APS = apples per square

NameThalersGold BarsApplesTPAGPASizeAPS
Apple heap150030502 x 27.5
Basket with corncobs37500.0041 x 1750
Bushy aster60012502 x 23
Coneflower12500.0042 x 262.5
Fall wreath25000.0041 x 1500
Harvest cart2562500.0042 x 31041.6666666667
Haystack512500.0041 x 11250
Lantern200040501 x 140
Pan Statue1025000.0042 x 2625
Potato box12000240501 x 1240
Red sweetgum12000240501 x 1240
Sheaves1500003000501 x 13000
Stone wall corner5000100501 x 1100
Stone wall entrance25000500501 x 4125
Stone wall exterior300060501 x 415
Stone wall interior300060501 x 415
Thimbleweed8000160502 x 240
Winged spindle820000.0042 x 2500
Witch hazel717500.0042 x 2437.5
Yellow ginkgo1435000.0042 x 2875

Reward Requirements

ApplesRewardThalersGold Bars
25001x Truffle searcher hut piece12500010
5000Gold booster25000020
100004x Truffle searcher hut piece50000040
2500010x Truffle searcher hut piece1250000100
5500035x Truffle searcher hut piece2750000220

World Cup 2014 Campaign 3

8 July 2014 - 15 July 2014

TPF = thalers per football
GPF = gold bars per football
FPS = footballs per square

NameThalersGold BarsWorld Champion FootballsTPFGPFSizeFPS
Banner bearer Brazil59000.00555555555555561 x 1900
Banner bearer Italy10000200501 x 1200
Banner bearer Netherlands59000.00555555555555561 x 1900
Banner bearer Spain10000200501 x 1200
Bratwurst barbecue4072000.00555555555555562 x 21800
Fanfare trumpeter1000002000501 x 12000
Maid and servant1018000.00555555555555561 x 11800

World Cup 2014 Campaign 2

24 June 2014 - 1 July 2014

TPF = thalers per football
GPP = gold bars per football
FPS = footballs per square

NameThalersGold BarsFinal Round FootballsTPFGPFSizeFPS
Banner bearer England45000900501 x 1900
Banner bearer France45000900501 x 1900
Banner bearer Germany59000.00555555555555561 x 1900
Banner bearer Russia59000.00555555555555561 x 1900
Banner bearer Switzerland59000.00555555555555561 x 1900
Drinking lady1200002400501 x 12400
Mead stall4072000.00555555555555561 x 17200

World Cup 2014 Campaign 1

10 June 2014 - 17 June 2014

TPF = thalers per football
GPP = gold bars per football
FPS = footballs per square

NameThalersGold BarsPrelim FootballsTPFGPFSizeFPS
Banner bearer Greece512500.0041 x 11250
Banner bearer Iran512500.0041 x 11250
Cheering maid1520000.00751 x 12000
La soule bottom wall corner250050502 x 212.5
La soule gate1250002500501 x 4625
La soule inner wall250050501 x 412.5
La soule outer wall250050504 x 112.5
La soule outer wall corner250050502 x 212.5
La soule stage3587500.0043 x 4729.16666666667
La soule upper wall corner250050502 x 212.5

Mother's Day 2014

6 May 2014 - 13 May 2014

TPF = thalers per blossoms
GPB = gold bars per blossoms
BPS = blossoms per square

NameThalersGold BarsBlossomsTPBGPBSizeBPS
Bouquet of flowers6000120501 x 1120
Flower wreath1150002300501 x 12300
Horse fountain3075000.0045 x 5300
Orange hibiscus1025000.0042 x 2625
Pergola12000240504 x 415
Pink hibiscus25000.0042 x 2125
Purple hibiscus410000.0042 x 2250
Red hibiscus615000.0042 x 2375
Romantic pond2050000.0046 x 6138.88888888889
Statue covered with pink vines250050501 x 150
Statue covered with red vines350070501 x 170
Statue covered with yellow vines150030501 x 130
White hibiscus820000.0042 x 2500

Easter 2014

15 April 2014 - 22 April 2014

TPF = thalers per egg
GPE = gold bars per egg
EPS = eggs per square

NameThalersGold BarsEaster EggsTPEGPESizeEPS
Blazing Easter fire3090000.00333333333333333 x 4750
Blue Easter basket4509501 x 19
Decorated Easter almond tree26000.00333333333333332 x 2150
Decorated Easter chestnut618000.00333333333333333 x 3200
Decorated rabbit column1180002360502 x 2590
Green Easter basket2505501 x 15
Rabbit fountain1854000.00333333333333334 x 4337.5
Statue dancing rabbit250050501 x 150
Statue rabitty musician5000100501 x 1100
Statue rabitty philospher1236000.00333333333333331 x 13600