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PPS = popularity per square
TPP = thalers per popularity
GPP = gold bars per popularity

CategoryNameRarityLevelThalersGoldSizePopularityPlace XPWater XPPPSTPPGPP
Special decorations70-Mio-Users-Globe111 x 17007000.0014285714285714
Special decorationsAdorned restroom141 x 1200402000.02
TreesAlmond tree13002 x 2153.7520
Special decorationsAncient boulder2152 x 2750187.50.02
TreesAncient tree12734 x 41509.3750.02
TreesAncient tree with festive decoration448200004 x 4100062.520
TreesAncient tree with swings23354 x 425015.6250.02
TreesAncient tree with tree house242104 x 450031.250.02
Temporally limited offersAngel Ice Statue142 x 210002500.004
Special decorationsAngel statue234121 x 16006000.02
Special decorationsAngel with burning torch41 x 1750750
Temporally limited offersApple heap215002 x 2307.550
Temporally limited offersAptenia flowerbed exterior142 x 210002500.004
Temporally limited offersAptenia flowerbed interior142 x 210002500.004
Temporally limited offersAptenia flowerbed lateral corner122 x 25001250.004
Temporally limited offersAptenia flowerbed lower corner122 x 25001250.004
Temporally limited offersAptenia flowerbed upper corner122 x 25001250.004
Temporally limited offersAutumnal Hedge Corner215001 x 1303050
Temporally limited offersAutumnal Hedge Entryway4120001 x 42406050
Temporally limited offersAutumnal Hedge Inside218001 x 436950
Temporally limited offersAutumnal Hedge Outside218001 x 436950
Special decorationsBags with goods (colored)230101 x 15005000.02
Special decorationsBags with goods (green)110001 x 1505020
Special decorationsBags with goods (mixed)22235002 x 217543.7520
Special decorationsBags with goods (red)251 x 1250502500.02
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Argentina251 x 19009000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Brazil251 x 19009000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer England4450001 x 190022590050
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer France4450001 x 190090050
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Germany251 x 19009000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Greece251 x 19009000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Iran251 x 19009000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Italy4100001 x 120020050
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Netherlands251 x 19009000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Russia251 x 19009000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Spain4100001 x 120020050
Temporally limited offersBanner bearer Switzerland251 x 19009000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBaroque middle flowerbed3202 x 2500012500.004
Temporally limited offersBaroque pavillion3252 x 262501562.50.004
Temporally limited offersBasket of Pumpkins131 x 17507500.004
Temporally limited offersBasket with corncobs131 x 17507500.004
Special decorationsBasket with fruits33880001 x 140040020
Special decorationsBaskets with flowers454401 x 1200020000.02
Special decorationsBaskets with mixed goods462350001 x 11750175020
Special decorationsBaskets with plants446120001 x 160060020
Flowers and grassesBeautiful yellow forsythia3242 x 412004851500.02
Special decorationsBench winter220001 x 2100105020
Special decorationsBench with blanket18001 x 2402020
Special decorationsBench with blooming rose arch432101 x 25002500.02
Special decorationsBench with large rose arch443200001 x 2100050020
Special decorationsBench with rose arch121 x 2100500.02
Temporally limited offersBewitching Buffet281 x 2200010000.004
Temporally limited offersBlack Tree282 x 220005000.004
Temporally limited offersBlazing Easter fire3303 x 490007500.0033333333333333
Temporally limited offersBlue Easter basket14501 x 19950
BoundariesBlue fence with flowers14131 x 1150301500.02
Special decorationsBlue flag34750001 x 125025020
Temporally limited offersBlue Hydrangea350001 x 110010050
Special decorationsBlue log bench22671 x 23501750.02
Special decorationsBlue wood bench12010001 x 2402025
Temporally limited offersBouquet of flowers360001 x 1120306512050
Temporally limited offersBoxwood hedge12251 x 252.545
Temporally limited offersBoxwood hedge corner piece17501 x 1151550
Temporally limited offersBratwurst barbecue4402 x 2720018000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersBright Advent Wreath350001 x 110010050
Temporally limited offersBushy aster16002 x 212350
Temporally limited offersCandle Stall380002 x 316026.66666666666750
Temporally limited offersCatkins2122 x 230007500.004
Temporally limited offersCauldron142 x 210002500.004
Temporally limited offersCheering maid2151 x 1270027000.0055555555555556
TreesChestnut11002 x 2571.2520
Temporally limited offersChild's Sled4100001 x 220010050
Special decorationsChild's statue225001 x 112512520
Temporally limited offersChildren's Carousel3303 x 475006250.004
Temporally limited offersChristmas Light121 x 45001250.004
Temporally limited offersChristmas Pyramid252 x 21250312.50.004
Temporally limited offersChristmas Star235001 x 1707050
Temporally limited offersClear-sounding Bell380001 x 116016050
Special decorationsClothesline with female laundry32560002 x 23007520
Special decorationsClothesline with male laundry12042 x 2200500.02
Temporally limited offersColorful Autumn Ash283 x 32000222.222222222220.004
Special decorationsColorful restroom346281 x 1140014000.02
Special decorationsColorful scarecrow438120002 x 260015020
Temporally limited offersConeflower112 x 225062.50.004
Temporally limited offerscrystal ball15001 x 1101050
Temporally limited offersDancing Couple3352 x 287503502187.50.004
Temporally limited offersDecorated Easter almond tree122 x 2600451500.0033333333333333
Temporally limited offersDecorated Easter chestnut263 x 318002000.0033333333333333
Temporally limited offersDecorated Hay Wagon4120001 x 224012050
Temporally limited offersDecorated rabbit column41180002 x 2236059050
Temporally limited offersDemon Statue41500001 x 13000300050
Special decorationsDevil statue344251 x 1125012500.02
Temporally limited offersDove Bath4500001 x 11000100050
Temporally limited offersDressed-up Child with Dragon-Kite3201 x 1500050000.004
Temporally limited offersDrinking lady41200001 x 12400600240050
Temporally limited offersDuckling Figurine4250001 x 150050050
Special decorationsDung pile32550002 x 225062.520
Temporally limited offersEaster Chick Figurine281 x 1200020000.004
Temporally limited offersEaster Crown3252 x 262501562.50.004
Temporally limited offersEaster Rabbit "Brownie"2151 x 1375037500.004
Temporally limited offersEaster Rabbit "Dreamer"2101 x 1250025000.004
Temporally limited offersEaster Rabbit "Thumper"3201 x 1500050000.004
Temporally limited offersEaster Torch Blue110001 x 1202050
Temporally limited offersEaster Torch Green121 x 15005000.004
Temporally limited offersEaster Torch Red121 x 15005000.004
Temporally limited offersEaster Torch Yellow15001 x 1101050
Temporally limited offersEaster Wall Corner110001 x 1202050
Temporally limited offersEaster Wall Gate4500001 x 4100025050
Temporally limited offersEaster Wall Inside4150001 x 43007550
Temporally limited offersEaster Wall Outside4150001 x 43007550
Temporally limited offersEaster Well2122 x 230007500.004
BoundariesElegant fence12001 x 1101020
Special decorationsEmpty barrels33080001 x 140040020
Temporally limited offersExotic Beautyberry18001 x 1161650
Temporally limited offersFall Lamppost41250001 x 12500250050
Temporally limited offersFall wreath121 x 15005000.004
Temporally limited offersFanfare trumpeter41000001 x 12000200050
Special decorationsFarm well215002 x 27518.7520
BoundariesFence with blooming twine1475001 x 1252520
BoundariesFence with flowers12511 x 150500.02
BoundariesFence with twine1353001 x 11521520
Special decorationsFenced dung pile340202 x 210002500.02
Temporally limited offersFestive Apple Tree41500002 x 2300075050
Special decorationsFestive banner dance452280001 x 11400140020
Temporally limited offersFestive Christmas Tree282 x 220005000.004
Special decorationsFestive circus banner251 x 12502500.02
Temporally limited offersFestive Pear Tree220002 x 2401050
Special decorationsFestive scarecrow445250002 x 21250312.520
Special decorationsFestive table with benches339171 x 28504250.02
Special decorationsFestive tree round435100002 x 250012520
TreesFir tree12002 x 2102.520
TreesFir tree with cones winter18002 x 2401020
TreesFir tree with fir cones12012 x 25012.50.02
TreesFir-tree winter122 x 2100250.02
Special decorationsFireplace with fish342222 x 211002750.02
Special decorationsFireplace with table32970002 x 235087.520
Special decorationsFirewood22230001 x 115015020
Temporally limited offersFlower wreath41150001 x 12300575230050
Temporally limited offersFlowery Tree Trunk281 x 2200010000.004
Temporally limited offersFluffy Slipper Stand253 x 31250138.888888888890.004
Temporally limited offersFlying Witch2101 x 2250012500.004
Temporally limited offersFountain of Love2105 x 6250010083.3333333333330.004
Special decorationsFull barrels14001 x 1202020
Temporally limited offersGarden Torch111 x 12502500.004
Temporally limited offersGift Cart4300001 x 260030050
Temporally limited offersGingerbread Tent2102 x 32500416.666666666670.004
Temporally limited offersGlory-of-the-snow flowerbed exterior225002 x 25012.550
Temporally limited offersGlory-of-the-snow flowerbed interior225002 x 25012.550
Temporally limited offersGlory-of-the-snow flowerbed lateral corner211002 x 2225.550
Temporally limited offersGlory-of-the-snow flowerbed lower corner211002 x 2225.550
Temporally limited offersGlory-of-the-snow flowerbed upper corner211002 x 2225.550
Temporally limited offersGnarled Witch Woods Tree222501 x 1454550
Temporally limited offersGolden Bauble111 x 12502500.004
Temporally limited offersGrave Lilies380001 x 116016050
Temporally limited offersGreen Easter basket12501 x 15550
Special decorationsGreen flag232110001 x 150050022
Temporally limited offersGrinning Vampire3252 x 262501562.50.004
Temporally limited offersHalloween Potion261 x 1150015000.004
Temporally limited offersHalloween Wall Corner4100001 x 120020050
Temporally limited offersHalloween Wall Entryway4250001 x 450012550
Temporally limited offersHalloween Wall Inside4150001 x 43007550
Temporally limited offersHalloween Wall Outside4150001 x 43007550
Temporally limited offersHarp-playing Amor3302 x 2750018750.004
Temporally limited offersHarvest cart3252 x 362501041.66666666670.004
Special decorationsHay bale with pitchfork12001 x 210520
Special decorationsHay bale with plow348301 x 215007500.02
Special decorationsHay bale with rake232100001 x 250025020
Special decorationsHay bale with scythe441150001 x 275037520
Temporally limited offersHaystack251 x 1125012500.004
Special decorationsHeart pillar21 x 1600600
Special decorationsHeart-nest21 x 17575
BushesHedge11001 x 157520
BushesHedge winter1186001 x 13093020
BushesHedge with blue blossoms1185001 x 1252520
BushesHedge with pink blossoms33840001 x 120020020
BushesHedge with purple blossoms33950001 x 125025020
BushesHedge with yellow blossoms212001 x 16066020
Temporally limited offersHedgehog Nest Figurine340001 x 1808050
Temporally limited offersHorrific Hay Bales350001 x 21005050
Temporally limited offersHorse fountain3305 x 575003003000.004
Temporally limited offersIce Wall225001 x 45012.550
Temporally limited offersIce Wall Arch4150001 x 43007550
Temporally limited offersIce Wall Bottom Corner225002 x 25012.550
Temporally limited offersIce Wall Side Corner225002 x 25012.550
Temporally limited offersIce Wall Top Corner225002 x 25012.550
Temporally limited offersLa soule bottom wall corner225002 x 25012.550
Temporally limited offersLa soule gate41250001 x 4250062562550
Temporally limited offersLa soule inner wall225001 x 45012.550
Temporally limited offersLa soule outer wall225004 x 15012.550
Temporally limited offersLa soule outer wall corner225002 x 25012.550
Temporally limited offersLa soule stage3353 x 463005250.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersLa soule upper wall corner225002 x 25012.550
Temporally limited offersLantern220001 x 1404050
Temporally limited offersLarge Crate of Easter Eggs251 x 1125012500.004
Temporally limited offersLarge Witch Woods Tree4140001 x 128028050
Temporally limited offersLarge-leaved Linden4250002 x 250012550
Temporally limited offersLeaf Pile with Cat263 x 31500166.666666666670.004
Temporally limited offersLittle Birdhouse4500001 x 11000100050
Special decorationsLovers' bench41 x 2500250
Temporally limited offersMagic Tome215001 x 1303050
Temporally limited offersMagnificent Christmas Tree2152 x 23750937.50.004
TreesMagnolia15002 x 2256.2520
TreesMagnolia with orange blossoms34075002 x 237593.7520
TreesMagnolia with purple blossoms446150002 x 2750187.520
TreesMagnolia with white blossoms23030002 x 215037.520
Temporally limited offersMaid and servant2101 x 1180018000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersMarigold Flowerbed251 x 1125012500.004
Temporally limited offersMead stall4401 x 1720072000.0055555555555556
Temporally limited offersMighty Autumn Oak2123 x 33000333.333333333330.004
Temporally limited offersMixed flowerbed exterior262 x 215003750.004
Temporally limited offersMixed flowerbed interior262 x 215003750.004
Temporally limited offersMixed flowerbed lateral4100002 x 22005050
Temporally limited offersMixed flowerbed lower corner4150002 x 23007550
Temporally limited offersMixed flowerbed upper corner4100002 x 22005050
Temporally limited offersMorass3204 x 45000312.50.004
Temporally limited offersMoss-covered Rocks4300002 x 260015050
BoundariesMossy stonewall14510001 x 1505020
Temporally limited offersMulled Wine Stall4400002 x 3800133.3333333333350
Temporally limited offersMysterious Witch's Hut2102 x 32500416.666666666670.004
Special decorationsNatural stone restroom13001 x 1151520
Special decorationsOld oven457501 x 1250025000.02
Special decorationsOrange flag230001 x 115015020
Temporally limited offersOrange Hanging Begonia131 x 17507500.004
Temporally limited offersOrange hibiscus2102 x 225001002056250.004
Flowers and grassesOrange rose445100001 x 150050020
Flowers and grassesOrange sunflowers1205001 x 1252520
Flowers and grassesOrange tulip33950001 x 125025020
Temporally limited offersOrnamental Easter Rod219001 x 1383850
Temporally limited offersOrnamental Egg215001 x 1303050
Temporally limited offersPan Statue2102 x 225006250.004
Temporally limited offersPeacock Flower Sculpture3254 x 6200083.3333333333330.0125
Temporally limited offersPergola4120004 x 4240601550
Special decorationsPile of hay bales32860002 x 23007520
TreesPin oak summer250152 x 2750187.50.02
TreesPink almond tree23882 x 2400381000.02
Special decorationsPink flag242151 x 17507500.02
Temporally limited offersPink hibiscus122 x 250020451250.004
Temporally limited offersPink Hydrangea141 x 1100010000.004
Flowers and grassesPink larkspur34175001 x 137537520
Flowers and grassesPink rose12610001 x 15055020
BushesPink rose bush23761 x 1300603000.02
Temporally limited offersPink Rose Tree282 x 220005000.004
Flowers and grassesPink tulip23220001 x 11001510020
BoundariesPlain fence11001 x 15520
Special decorationsPlain scarecrow18002 x 2401020
Special decorationsPlain water pump22361 x 13003000.02
Temporally limited offersPotato box4120001 x 124024050
Flowers and grassesPotted orange anthurium225001 x 112512520
Flowers and grassesPotted red anthurium22561 x 13003000.02
BushesPotted rose bush13001 x 11581520
BushesPotted syringa12001 x 1101020
Flowers and grassesPotted white anthurium33760001 x 130030020
Flowers and grassesPotted yellow anthurium353201 x 1100010000.02
Flowers and grassesPotted yellow roses23771 x 13503500.02
Temporally limited offersPretty Sowbread111 x 12502500.004
Temporally limited offersPumpkin Circle254 x 4125078.1250.004
Temporally limited offersPurple hibiscus142 x 2100040852500.004
Flowers and grassesPurple larkspur22951 x 1250502500.02
Special decorationsPurple log bench447190001 x 295047520
Special decorationsPurple wood bench446180001 x 290045020
Temporally limited offersQuiet Bench14501 x 294.550
Temporally limited offersRabbit fountain3184 x 45400337.50.0033333333333333
TreesRed almond tree444100002 x 250012520
Temporally limited offersRed Bauble111 x 12502500.004
Temporally limited offersRed hibiscus262 x 21500601253750.004
Special decorationsRed log bench440140001 x 270035020
Flowers and grassesRed poppy110001 x 1505020
BushesRed rhododendron34885001 x 142542520
Flowers and grassesRed rose111 x 150500.02
BushesRed rose bush24391 x 1450404500.02
Temporally limited offersRed Rose Tree251 x 1125012500.004
Special decorationsRed scarecrow22152 x 22505062.50.02
Temporally limited offersRed sweetgum4120001 x 124024050
Flowers and grassesRed tulip243101 x 15005000.02
Special decorationsRed wood bench437100001 x 250025020
Temporally limited offersRefreshing Spring3304 x 47500468.750.004
Temporally limited offersReindeer Sleigh4250001 x 3500166.6666666666750
Temporally limited offersRoast Chestnut Vendor282 x 220005000.004
Special decorationsRomantic lantern23081 x 14004000.02
Temporally limited offersRomantic Picnic3254 x 46250390.6250.004
Temporally limited offersRomantic pond3206 x 65000200138.888888888890.004
Temporally limited offersRomantic Skaters4405 x 5100004000.004
Temporally limited offersRomantic Swing2152 x 312002000.0125
Temporally limited offersRomantic Water Feature2102 x 28002000.0125
Special decorationsRoofed well433102 x 2550137.50.018181818181818
Special decorationsRose pillar21 x 1175175
Temporally limited offersRose Wall (Inside)4100001 x 42005050
Temporally limited offersRose Wall (Outside)4100001 x 42005050
Temporally limited offersRose Wall Corner4150001 x 130030050
Temporally limited offersRose Wall Entrance4200001 x 440010050
Temporally limited offersRound Flowerbed with Pink Roses360002 x 27518.7580
Temporally limited offersRound Flowerbed with Red Roses220002 x 2256.2580
Temporally limited offersRound Flowerbed with White Roses380002 x 21002580
Temporally limited offersRound Flowerbed with Yellow Roses340002 x 25012.580
Special decorationsRoyal lantern442160001 x 180080020
Special decorationsRustic restroom33475001 x 137537520
Special decorationsRustic water pump438130001 x 165065020
Special decorationsScarecrow winter22162 x 2300750.02
Temporally limited offersSheaves41500001 x 13000300050
Temporally limited offersSilver Bauble111 x 12502500.004
Temporally limited offersSinister Smiling Pumpkins41250002 x 2250062550
Temporally limited offersSmall Crate of Easter Eggs360001 x 112012050
Temporally limited offersSnow-covered Boulder15002 x 2102.550
Temporally limited offersSnow-covered Firewood Pile121 x 3500166.666666666670.004
Temporally limited offersSnowball Fight3202 x 31000166.666666666670.02
Temporally limited offersSpider Well2151 x 3375012500.004
Temporally limited offersStatue covered with pink vines225001 x 150135050
Temporally limited offersStatue covered with red vines235001 x 170187050
Temporally limited offersStatue covered with yellow vines215001 x 13083050
Temporally limited offersStatue dancing rabbit225001 x 1505050
Temporally limited offersStatue rabitty musician350001 x 110010050
Temporally limited offersStatue rabitty philospher2121 x 1360036000.0033333333333333
Temporally limited offersStone Circle4250003 x 350055.55555555555650
Special decorationsStone lantern110001 x 1505020
Temporally limited offersStone wall corner350001 x 110010050
Temporally limited offersStone wall entrance4250001 x 450012550
Temporally limited offersStone wall exterior230001 x 4601550
Temporally limited offersStone wall interior230001 x 4601550
BoundariesStone wall winter1454501 x 1232319.565217391304
Temporally limited offersSummer Campfire3203 x 35000555.555555555560.004
Temporally limited offersSummer Picnic2152 x 337506250.004
Temporally limited offersSunflower Fence14001 x 48250
Temporally limited offersSunflower Fence Corner15001 x 1101050
Temporally limited offersSunflower Fence Gate215001 x 4307.550
Temporally limited offersSwan Fountain41250002 x 2250062550
BushesSyringa with pink blossoms23120001 x 110010020
BushesSyringa with purple blossoms445100001 x 150050020
BushesSyringa with white blossoms12110001 x 15055020
Special decorationsTable with bench32440001 x 220010020
Temporally limited offersTerracotta Planter with Foxgloves4120001 x 115015080
Temporally limited offersTerracotta Planter with Sunflowers4150001 x 120020075
Temporally limited offersThimbleweed380002 x 21604050
Temporally limited offersThin Witch Woods Tree4120001 x 124024050
Special decorationsTurtle dove statue44 x 42000125
Special decorationsUnvarnished log bench11001 x 252.520
Temporally limited offersVenus Hair Fern215001 x 1303050
Flowers and grassesViolet tulip12231 x 11501500.02
Special decorationsWagon wheels131 x 11501500.02
Special decorationsWagon wheels with flowers448230001 x 11150115020
Temporally limited offersWailing Willow252 x 21250312.50.004
Temporally limited offersWarming Fire Bowl131 x 17507500.004
Temporally limited offersWater lily pond2102 x 225006250.004
TreesWeeping willow247122 x 26001500.02
Special decorationsWell winter433122 x 26001500.02
Temporally limited offersWheelbarrow Planter4250001 x 2325162.576.923076923077
TreesWhite almond tree22420002 x 21002520
TreesWhite chestnut110002 x 2501112.520
Temporally limited offersWhite Hanging Begonia350001 x 110010050
Temporally limited offersWhite hibiscus282 x 22000801655000.004
Temporally limited offersWhite Hydrangeas131 x 17507500.004
Flowers and grassesWhite larkspur13001 x 11581520
Flowers and grassesWhite rose111 x 150500.02
BushesWhite rose bush12831 x 1150301500.02
Temporally limited offersWhite Rose Tree4120001 x 124024050
Flowers and grassesWhite tulip111 x 150500.02
Temporally limited offersWinged spindle282 x 220005000.004
Temporally limited offersWinter Fountain2152 x 23750937.50.004
Temporally limited offersWinter Lantern111 x 12502500.004
Temporally limited offersWinter Stone Wall Corner225001 x 1505050
Temporally limited offersWinter Stone Wall Entrance4250001 x 450012550
Temporally limited offersWinter Stone Wall Inside4100001 x 42005050
Temporally limited offersWinter Stone Wall Outside4100001 x 42005050
Temporally limited offersWintery Tree215002 x 2307.550
Temporally limited offersWitch hazel272 x 21750437.50.004
Temporally limited offersWitch's Hut2152 x 43750468.750.004
Temporally limited offersWooden Bucket with Cowslip141 x 13203200.0125
Temporally limited offersWooden Bucket with Daisies131 x 12402400.0125
Temporally limited offersWooden Bucket with Forget-me-nots121 x 11601600.0125
Temporally limited offersWooden Bucket with Poppies111 x 180800.0125
Special decorationsWooden crate with pumpkin236151 x 17507500.02
Special decorationsWooden crate with seedlings444170001 x 185085020
Special decorationsWooden crates with harvest15001 x 1252520
Special decorationsWooden crates with seeds21820001 x 11001010020
TreesYellow chestnut33650002 x 225062.520
Temporally limited offersYellow ginkgo2142 x 235008750.004
Flowers and grassesYellow sunflowers1501 x 137316.666666666667
Flowers and grassesYellow tulip23530001 x 115015020